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Cruisin’ – Fred Olsen Cruise Brochures

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We’re packing up our flip-flops, sun hat, Ambre Solaire and obligatory Hawaiian shirt for an early summer break courtesy of our friends at Fred.Olsen Lines. Well actually we’re not but these brochures from back in the day look so inviting we’re tempted to head for the sun if only to get away from some of this flippin rain for a bit.
As is our way we like to give a bit of background information to our posts so in case you were wondering Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines (the full stop, or period for our American readers, after Fred is and it seems always has been part of their trading style) are still going strong and have been in business since 1848. The business started when three Norwegian brothers, the eponymous Fredrik Christian, Petter and Andras clubbed together and bought their first ship and have not looked back since. Whilst the business is still owned by the family some five generations later they are now headquartered in Ipswich, UK rather than Oslofjord, Norway and have a fairly impressive spread of business interests including cruise and passenger shipping, aviation, ship building and various offshore industries. Oh and all their ships’ names begin with the letter B.


Fred Olsen Brochure

Fred Olsen 1967 Brochure

Fred Olsen 1969 Brochure

Fred Olsen Lines 1970#

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