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  • sonny and cher mustangs

    Sonny and Cher Custom Cars – We’ve Got Two Babe

    1960s, Music, Transport • 107 Views

    As one of the most successful duets of the 1960s selling some 40 million records Sonny & Cher rarely turned down an opportunity to maximise the marketing opportunities that came their way and this has to be one of the most obscure.

    Created by noted US custom car creator George Barris (the man behind the original Batmobile amongst many other creations) these two Ford Mustangs were taken straight from the production line and given a rather special makeover. Sonny’s car got some ‘Bobcat fur’ on the inside alongside antique leather and suede while Cher’s got some ‘Ermine fur’ and pink suede with a white fur lined boot. Predictably enough Cher’s Mustang was painted pink while Sonny ended up with a gold and brown paintjob. Continue Reading

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  • Frank Sinatra and The Fifth Dimension

    Frank Sinatra and The Fifth Dimension

    1960s, Music, Television • 1041 Views

    May we present to you the rather excellent Fifth Dimension combining with Mr Frank Sinatra on the 1968 TV special  ‘Francis Albert Sinatra Does His Thing’. It has to be said Mr Sinatra is looking a little awkward at times but be consoled by the fact that he’s singing what is essentially a drinking song that was written by the excellent and sadly departed Laura Nyro.
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  • pop and shop 1966

    Pop and Shop – 1966 Underground Antics

    1960s, Documentary, Fashion, Music • 1204 Views

    It’s 1966, it’s Oxford Street in the heart of swinging London, it’s a bit nippy outside by the looks of it and a new concept has hit the streets – or more accurately hit the basements beneath the streets but you know what we mean. It’s the revolutionary new Pop & Shop. Here’s the idea in a nutshell – you go to a gig, in this case The Animals on stage, and you can also buy some clothes and records at the same time if you’re not that fussed about watching the band.
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  • Clarks shoes

    Tread Lightly – Clark’s Shoes Adverts

    1960s, 1970s, Fashion, Retro Advertising • 1287 Views

    By way of a tribute to Walter White’s Wallabees (and if you don’t know who Walter White is by now then we urge you to check out Breaking Bad ) we’ve put together a post to honour the good people at Clark’s in sunny Somerset and also the guys in Ireland who for many years made the Wallabees for Clark’s – Padmore & Barnes.

    First conceived in 1967 the Wallabee was initially manufactured in Ireland before production was transferred to Vietnam where to this day it is still made. Padmore & Barnes were owned by Clark’s for a number of years until 1987 when a management buyout gave them back their independence. Whilst they can’t call them Wallabees P&B manufacture their own version called the Original P204 which to all intents and purposes is a Wallabee but stitched in Ireland – and very handsome they are too.

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  • 1999

    Back to the Future – 50 Years Back

    1960s, Futuristic • 1016 Views

    We understand the kind of people who like to predict what life will be like in 20, 30 or 50 years time are called Futurologists and it seems their role in life is to predict possible, probable and preferable futures. Well, if they are as accurate as the people who worked on this clip from 1965 we’ll be mightily impressed.

    We’re going back 50 years to look at how the future would have looked in 1999 AD from a sixties point of view. To be fair the accuracy of the predictions are pretty much spot-on including online shopping (just getting going back in ’99), home computers, online banking, populating Mars, wall mounted TVs and microwave ovens.
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