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  • The Shadows of Knight

    The Shadows of Knight – Doin’ The Potato Chip

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    Recently on our Facebook page we posted a picture of a packet of crisps featuring seventies rockers Slade. After making this discovery we thought we would have a good rummage around the web for more of the same, alas we found nothing. However our time...

  • pink panther

    Doug Goodwin – From The Pink Panther to Northern Soul

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    Songwriter, composer, pianist, author and carpenter – Doug Goodwin is a man of many talents, a man who has written a number of songs you definitely will have heard of and also the man behind a record that is up there with the very best Northern Soul...

  • Swingers

    Singers and Swingers In The Kitchen

    • 4508 Views • 1960s, Book Covers, Food, Literature, MusicComments Off

    Feeling hungry? Thought so. How do you fancy a little something from the ‘scene-makers cookbook’? Or as the cover notes say: ‘Dozens of nutty, turned-on, easy-to-prepare recipes from the grooviest gourmets happening.’ Now before you start sniggering,...

  • Tom Jones

    Behind Closed Doors – Sixties stars at Home

    • 4922 Views • 1960s, Music1 Comment

    When they were not entertaining the masses, drinking expensive champagne, smoking Cuban cigars and taking illicit substances by the bucket load our Sixties musical heroes liked nothing better than to relax at home playing a few records with a photographer...

  • ampex

    On The Reels of Steel

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    While reel-to-reel tapes have now been consigned to the sizeable bin in the vaults of recording history marked ‘Obsolete’, there was a time when they were king and prior to the introduction of the Philips Compact Cassette in 1963 stood astride the world...