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  • Beat Nick Comic 1960s

    Beat Nick the Beatnik

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    From 1950 through to ’68 an imprint of DC Comics (National Periodical Publications in case you were wondering) published ‘The Adventures of Bob Hope’. A comic book equivalent to the assorted shows that Bob Hope was involved in during the period. It ran...

  • woodstock comic

    Falling in Love at Woodstock Festival – The Comics

    • 2979 Views • 1970s, Art, Magazine, Music, Youth CultureComments Off

    You’ve heard the album, listened to the song, seen the film, and got the T shirt or perhaps you were there (man) at the most famous rock festival in history, but now it’s time to take a look at Woodstock – The comics. Here we have not one,...

  • 2171278191_c64f17c7be_z

    Rock-A-Bye: 1973 Canadian TV Documentary

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    Back to a time before the Rolling Stones had wrinkles, before Keith Richards started looking like a pirate and a Canadian documentary featuring lots of drugs, lots of police, lots of vinyl and almost inevitably lots of hair. This fascinating piece of social...

  • mods

    Mod Trilogy – They Call Us Misfits Documentary

    • 3385 Views • 1960s, Documentary, Film, Youth CultureComments Off

    They Call Us Misfits or They Call Us Mods ( Dom kallar oss mods) is a 1968 Swedish documentary that was directed, produced and written by Stefan Jarl and Jan Lindqvist. This video is their first film in the Mods Trilogy series, the second film A Decent life...

  • sharpies

    Stay Sharpie – One Night in Adelaide

    • 1924 Views • 1960s, Documentary, Youth Culture1 Comment

    Evolutionary biologists have long been fascinated with the development of species on the Australian sub-continent and the way they have evolved without the effect of any external influences to create such unique creatures as kangaroos, wallabies and koala...