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Kitsch Kitchen Ads

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Back now to a time when fondue parties were all the rage, when you couldn’t cross the road without a neighbour insisting on inviting you to their Tupperware party and of course the invention of the ‘greatest cooking discovery since fire’ – the microwave oven.

Making life easy in the kitchen has long been a focus of marketeers out there or rather giving the impression of making life easier whilst simultaneously selling you something you feel you can’t live without has long been their aim. Here we take a look at the early days of their sterling efforts including the rather wonderful sounding Mirro-Matic Pop ‘n’ Serve in unbreakable Lexan (whatever that is). No kitchen should be without one.

1970s Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Art

Kitchen Carpet

kettle advert 1970s


1970s Glasses

1970s cup set

Food Mixer

Fondue Set

Serving Pincher




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