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Hanging Out with Michael Caine in Los Angeles

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Unless you’ve been living on another planet, we guess you’re aware of the work of actor Michael Caine and his distinctive trademark cockney accent.So we won’t bore you with a long biography and list of all his great films like Get Carter (not the 2000 remake) The Italian Job and Hannah and her sisters, or mention some of the bargain bin films that he appeared in to pay the bills – The Swarm, Blame it on Rio and The Hand to name but a few. When Michael was quizzed about his role in the awful Jaws -The Revenge he said “I have never seen it, but by all accounts it is terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.”


These rare 1966 photos were taken in Los Angeles by resident Life magazine photographer Bill Ray. At this point in his career Caine had just played Alfie and starred in Zulu and The Ipcress file which had established his name outside the UK. In these unpublished pictures we can see Michael relaxing, grooving away to an unknown band at a night club, on the set of heist film Gambit with actress Shirley MacLaine and hanging out with Natalie Wood and lots of “unidentified women” .


When he was asked about working with Michael Caine, Photographer Bill Ray said “there is a very fine line between being lazy and being laid back, and Caine knew exactly were that line was. He worked all the time but never broke a sweat. He always knew his lines, but was in no hurry to blurt them out. If things broke down on the set, he was happy in his trailer listening to The Four Tops or grabbing a nap. He was simply made for the movie business.”


Michael Caine Dancing

Michael Caine Los Angeles

Michael Caine Loungin'

Michael Caine on the set of Gambit

Michael Caine Smoking

Michael Caine in car

Michael Caine and friends

Michael Caine 1966

Michael Caine and Natalie Wood 1966 Los Angeles

Michael Caine Laughing

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