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Art on Wheels – Custom Painting Sixties Style

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In the States customising cars has been a hobby for petrolheads since the 1930s, but it wasn’t really until the 1960s that this extended to exotic paint jobs as more wild and varied colours became available. This resulted in spectacular metal flake and candy apple paint jobs and of course the ubiquitous flames down the side style so still popular to this day.

As can be seen from this clip, in the UK we took a slightly less ostentatious approach and combined the early development of psychedelic art with car paint customisation to decorate assorted vehicles with the pop-art style that was just developing at the time.

The final clip of a psychedelic AC Cobra being man-handled out of an art showroom window is worth watching if only to see how things used to be done using planks and elbow grease alone.



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