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Too Dutch Too Young – 1966 Amsterdam Festival

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In this day and age of festivals that cater for every taste and offer carpeted luxury as well as, horror of horrors, clean flushing toilets we are going to take you on a trip just across the North Sea to Amsterdam and back in time to 1966 when festivals were small, local and by the looks of it pretty sunny too.

Take a look at Alan Price, The In Crowd, Cuby & the Blizzards (neither have we), The Subterraneans Armand (Donovan Lookalike) and the Roadrunner Sect strut their funky stuff in the Lowlands’ sunshine. Whether any of the aforementioned sampled any of the local ‘erb is not for us to say but they certainly look like they’re having a great weekend.


The In Crowd

The Subterraneans

Cuby and the Blizzards

 1966 Dutch Festival

Armand Amsterdam 1966

Roadrunner Sect 1966 Amsterdam

Cuby and The Blizzards

Amsterdam Incrowd 1966

Armand 1966 Amsterdam

The Alan Price Set

The Incrowd Amsterdam 1966

Amsterdam 1966 Armand

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