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  • Brenton House Colorado

    The Barnacle Influenced Brenton House

    • 861 Views • 1970s, ArchitectureComments Off

    Here we feature another in our occasional series looking at slightly oddball houses that have featured in movies and take a timely look at the Brenton House in Boulder, Colorado. If it appears familiar and you are a fan of the work of Woody Allen you may well...

  • Walter Pichler tv helmet

    Walter Pichler – Austrian Avant-Garde Architectural Artist

    • 578 Views • 1960s, Architecture, FuturisticComments Off

    Sometimes people are defined by a single event or moment in their lives despite there often being a multitude of other reasons they could go down in history. Step forward Walter Pichler, noted Austrian artist and architect and the man who invented the TV...

  • 1970s Home Interior

    Houses Architects Live In – 1970s Interior Design

    • 1774 Views • 1970s, ArchitectureComments Off

    The Author of the “Houses Architects Live in” Barbara Plumb had previously written two other books covering interior design – Young Designs in Living in 1969 and Young Designs in Colour which was published in 1973. Later she moved on to...

  • Skycar 1960s

    Up, Up & Away – Hey Kids it’s the Skycar

    • 1914 Views • 1960s, Futuristic, TransportComments Off

    Who of us hasn’t, when sat in a never-ending traffic jam, imagined the delight to be had in rising above the cars, trucks and fumes and gliding off into the sunset without a care in the World. Well, wonder no longer kids because we might just have the very...

  • Makedonium monument 7

    Magnificent Macedonian Monument – The Makedonium

    • 2830 Views • 1970s, ArchitectureComments Off

    This is our first post relating to a monument, however in fairness, this is no ordinary monument. Sited within 16 hectares at over 4400 feet above sea-level and overlooking Macedonia’s highest town, – Krusevo, it pays tribute to those who sacrificed their...