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  • Makedonium monument 7

    Magnificent Macedonian Monument – The Makedonium

    • 1397 Views • 1970s, ArchitectureComments Off

    This is our first post relating to a monument, however in fairness, this is no ordinary monument. Sited within 16 hectares at over 4400 feet above sea-level and overlooking Macedonia’s highest town, – Krusevo, it pays tribute to those who sacrificed their...

  • Cave Room Madonna Inn

    Madonna Inn – It’s Borderline

    • 2120 Views • 1960s, ArchitectureComments Off

    Before you ask, no it’s not named after ageing, taboo-breaking, Kabbalah practicing, ex-Mrs Guy Ritchie, warbling-chanteuse Madonna. Oh not it’s not. In fact the Madonna Inn first sprung up in 1958 and was named after the original creator and owner Alex...

  • Haus-Rucker-co

    Haus-Rucker-Co: Art, Architecture & Strange Helmets

    • 1964 Views • 1960s, ArchitectureComments Off

    We seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment when it comes to featuring slightly bonkers architects and it would be rude of us not to share our latest slightly bonkers architects discovery with you; it’s time to take a look at Austrian avant-garde,...

  • The Ant Farm Gang

    Ant Farm – Underground Architecture

    • 2586 Views • 1960s, Architecture, ArtComments Off

    Here’s a question for you. What do you get when you mix-up a bunch of young, enthusiastic, newly qualified architects, a load of off-the-wall ideas, a rock-band sensibility and a whole host of recreational drugs? Well, if you went back to the late 1960s...

  • 1966 showroom

    The 1966 Swildens Desk

    • 2278 Views • 1960s, ArchitectureComments Off

    Fancy a new desk and chair at work? Thought so, well, you can either check out our recent IKEA post for something at the, shall we say, less-expensive end of the market or alternatively if you’re feeling a bit flush you could do a lot worse than look at...