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  • Six Million Dollar Safari Suit 1970s

    Six Million Dollar Safari Suit

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    Sometime back we looked at the original books behind successful films in our Script Bare (geddit?) post and the first book cover in that particular post was Martin Caidin’s 1972 best-selling novel Cyborg. The following year this was snaffled up, loosely...

  • Brigitte Montfort

    Brigitte Montfort – Brazilian Provocateur Extraordinaire

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    Brigitte Montfort – noted beauty, fierce intellectual, martial arts expert, Pulitzer Prize wiiner, and CIA agent. Never heard of her? Well, unless you are a big fan of Brazilian pulp fiction it’s unlikely you will have but hey, we’re about to change all...

  • Makedonium monument 7

    Magnificent Macedonian Monument – The Makedonium

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    This is our first post relating to a monument, however in fairness, this is no ordinary monument. Sited within 16 hectares at over 4400 feet above sea-level and overlooking Macedonia’s highest town, – Krusevo, it pays tribute to those who sacrificed their...

  • rit

    Do The Rit Thing – Dye Adverts

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    Here we have an assortment of adverts that have more Tie-dye than an audience at a Grateful Dead concert – well perhaps not that much. Although Tie-die is a fairly modern phrase created in the mid-sixties, the earliest examples of the technique...

  • fredericks

    Bust’n Out All Over – Frederick’s of Hollywood

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    Frederick’s of Hollywood is best known for selling ladies lingerie in it’s various stores scattered across the United States of America. The underwear based business was started way back in 1947 by the inventor of the Push-up bra Frederick...