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  • 70s vest

    The Vest of Everything

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    Ah yes, the humble vest or as it is also known the waistcoat or weskit. An item beloved of snooker players, wearers of dodgy suits, those crazy steampunk types, Germans and apparently Take That too. We’ve covered a broad spectrum there for sure. It seems...

  • Brenton House Colorado

    The Barnacle Influenced Brenton House

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    Here we feature another in our occasional series looking at slightly oddball houses that have featured in movies and take a timely look at the Brenton House in Boulder, Colorado. If it appears familiar and you are a fan of the work of Woody Allen you may well...

  • Capture

    College of the Mainland Yearbook

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    We are particularly chuffed we’ve stumbled across this yearbook of cracking Ivy League wearing 1960s students but the icing on the cake is the fact that the College of the Mainland is on the mainland portion of Galveston County – some of our favourite...

  • Beetleboards

    Beetleboard – Brilliant Bug Based Billboards

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    When it comes to good ideas it’s the simple ones that are generally the best. So, back in 1971 when L.A based advertising consultant Charles E, Bird was strolling through a campus car park on his way to address a college class he couldn’t help but notice...

  • 1970s Home Interior

    Houses Architects Live In – 1970s Interior Design

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    The Author of the “Houses Architects Live in” Barbara Plumb had previously written two other books covering interior design – Young Designs in Living in 1969 and Young Designs in Colour which was published in 1973. Later she moved on to...