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  • 1974 Car Show London

    Seventies London Motor Shows

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    Previously we’ve mirror, signal and manouvered and head on down the highway to the Motor city to visit the Detroit Auto Show during the sixties. We have also reversed back in time and parked up in the the windy city to stroll around the Chicago car...

  • Black and white

    Detroit and Beyond

    • 348 Views • 1970s, 1980s, Everyday People, PhotographersNo Comments

    Now we go back to a time when Budweiser six pack vans cruised the streets of Michigan, Darth Vader walked amongst the surfers of Whitmore Lake and a 1972 film titled “The Man” starring a young James Earl Jones had a ridiculous tagline. Here we...

  • retro After Shave Ads

    Common Scents – Fragrance Adverts From The Past

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    Back in the day, when it came to advertising men’s fragrances, (or after-shave as it was universally known back then) the more macho the message the better.  Square-jawed actors and models rubbed shoulders with sultry beauties to promote such legendary...

  • Art of Frank McCarthy

    Frank McCarthy’s Movie Poster Magic

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    In another of our occasional posts on little-known artists who created very well-known film posters we take a brief look at the life and art of Frank McCarthy a man you quite possibly have never heard of but, if you have even a passing interest in movies (and...

  • Six Million Dollar Safari Suit 1970s

    Six Million Dollar Safari Suit

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    Sometime back we looked at the original books behind successful films in our Script Bare (geddit?) post and the first book cover in that particular post was Martin Caidin’s 1972 best-selling novel Cyborg. The following year this was snaffled up, loosely...