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HMV-Spiral Staircase

More From The HMV Oxford Street Store in London

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After the runaway success of our Inside the Oxford Street HMV Store in the Sixties post, we thought we’d have another look around the world wide web for pictures of the shop in other decades. We expected to find a few photos of the London store, however we have found loads!

The pictures range from the 1930s to 1970s, there are a few 1960s ones that we’ve featured, but from different angles, such as the much talked about spiral staircase.

As well as lots of pictures of vinyl there are photos of the listening booths, The central record information bureau, the store room and a young lady in the 1950s giving a mixing demonstration in the store…. with a food blender.


Inside HMV Record Store in 1960s

Inside HMV Record Store, Oxford Street, London in 1960s

Record Racks Inside HMV Record Store in 1960s

Shoppers at the HMV Record Store, Oxford Street, London in 1950s

10 inch reccord Department Inside HMV Record Store, London

HMV Training Shop

Green Counter at HMV, Oxford Street, London

Vinyl Stockroom at HMV, London

HMV Record Listening Booths

Kitchen Department at HMV

HMV, Oxford Street, London in 1950s

Radio Department at HMV

Red Counter at HMV

HMV Record Store

New Record Browsers in HMV 1950s

HMV Delivery Van in Oxford Street, London

Television Department at HMV

Ground Floor at HMV Record Store

Inside HMV Record Store in 1940s

Vocal Pops  Department HMV

Window Display HMV Record Store in 1950s

Flicking Through Vinyl at HMV

Personal Recording Department at HMV

Ground Floor HMV

HMV Cosmopolitan Corner

HMV Theatre Tickets

HMV Central Records Information Bureau 1950s

Twelve Inch Record Dept HMV

Customers using listening booths 1950s HMV


hmv 363 Oxford Street, London - Exterior of store May 1976

HMV in the late 1970s

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