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  • retro After Shave Ads

    Common Scents – Fragrance Adverts From The Past

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    Back in the day, when it came to advertising men’s fragrances, (or after-shave as it was universally known back then) the more macho the message the better.  Square-jawed actors and models rubbed shoulders with sultry beauties to promote such legendary...

  • Art of Frank McCarthy

    Frank McCarthy’s Movie Poster Magic

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    In another of our occasional posts on little-known artists who created very well-known film posters we take a brief look at the life and art of Frank McCarthy a man you quite possibly have never heard of but, if you have even a passing interest in movies (and...

  • Carl Douglas

    Unexpected Gem: Carl Douglas & the Big Stampede – Crazy Feeling

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    To most of us Carl Douglas is mainly considered a one-hit wonder with his homage to 1970s martial arts movies ‘Kung-Fu Fighting”. It was not only the biggest-selling record of 1974 but it also sold a quite staggering 11 million copies worldwide and is the...

  • Palm Beach

    Palm Beach Pop – 1969 Style

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    Now this must have been one hell of a weekend even if it was held at the end of November and the weather was, well let’s just say it was typical festival conditions. It was the only US festival the Rolling Stones played in 1969, almost all the original...

  • Skycar 1960s

    Up, Up & Away – Hey Kids it’s the Skycar

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    Who of us hasn’t, when sat in a never-ending traffic jam, imagined the delight to be had in rising above the cars, trucks and fumes and gliding off into the sunset without a care in the World. Well, wonder no longer kids because we might just have the very...