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  • The Avengers Stage Play

    The Avengers Stage Play

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    OK you lot. Who out there knew The Avengers once had their own stage play? Well, neither did we until we stumbled across some rather interesting photos and decided to dig a bit deeper. It was 1971; the stage play was technically tricky and massively ambitious...

  • warhol jazz covers

    Andy Warhol – Cover Artist

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    We’ve cast an eye on the undeniably prolific Andy Warhol in a couple of previous posts – firstly looking at his Early Years and secondly when he started to make the most of his new-found fame featuring as he did in an advert for the now defunct...

  • monkees dolls

    All Dolled Up

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    While we all like to think that modern pop music is crass, commercialised and lacking substance (and in fairness it generally is) – we also tend to have this romantic idea that music from a bygone age was all about the groove and was not just about...

  • girl and voxmobile

    Voxmobile – Bizarre Guitar Car

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    It’s 1967, the USA is on the cusp of the hippie revolution and legendary amp manufacturers Vox (or rather to be entirely accurate VOX) are looking for a new way to promote their wares. We guess they initially considered an amp shaped car but that would be...

  • The Shadows of Knight

    The Shadows of Knight – Doin’ The Potato Chip

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    Recently on our Facebook page we posted a picture of a packet of crisps featuring seventies rockers Slade. After making this discovery we thought we would have a good rummage around the web for more of the same, alas we found nothing. However our time...