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  • fredericks

    Bust’n Out All Over – Frederick’s of Hollywood

    • 3501 Views • 1970s, Ephemera, FashionComments Off

    Frederick’s of Hollywood is best known for selling ladies lingerie in it’s various stores scattered across the United States of America. The underwear based business was started way back in 1947 by the inventor of the Push-up bra Frederick...

  • German Advert 1965

    Düsseldorf Design und Werbung

    • 2035 Views • 1960s, Ephemera, Retro AdvertisingComments Off

    For the non-German speakers out there (and that includes us if we’re honest) ‘design und werbung’ translates directly as ‘design and advertising’ and as you may have guessed this comes from Germany’s seventh largest city. A veritable powerhouse of...

  • Ikea

    Swedish House Mafia – Ikea Catalogues

    • 3543 Views • 1960s, 1970s, EphemeraComments Off

    Now to Sweden and everybody’s favourite / most hated (delete as appropriate) Scandinavian, flat-pack, bargain-basement, meat-ball serving furniture store and of course, the world’s largest furniture retailer – who else could it be but Ikea or should...

  • Ontario Hydro Exhibit, Ontario Science Center, Toronto

    Look and Learn – Exhibition Postcards

    • 3399 Views • 1960s, 1970s, EphemeraComments Off

    Now it’s time to blind you with science as we take a look at the future in the past. Here we have an assortment of groovy postcards from various exhibitions and displays that were held in museums throughout America and Canada. In this scientific...

  • 1970s Kays Catalogue

    Seventies Kays Catalogues

    • 9433 Views • 1970s, Ephemera, Fashion, Retro AdvertisingComments Off

    Do you want to know how much a Crimplene casual suit cost in 1977? well you’ve come to the right place (They were available in beige, burgundy and blue and could be delivered to your door for under twenty pounds) Here we take a second look at the...