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  • warhol jazz covers

    Andy Warhol – Cover Artist

    • 1947 Views • 1950s, 1960s, ArtComments Off

    We’ve cast an eye on the undeniably prolific Andy Warhol in a couple of previous posts – firstly looking at his Early Years and secondly when he started to make the most of his new-found fame featuring as he did in an advert for the now defunct...

  • 1965 illustration

    Illustrious Sixties Illustrations

    • 2585 Views • 1960s, ArtComments Off

    Whilst on our travels around the big old World Wide Web we’ve stumbled across these rather groovy illustrations from back in the day which have been taken from assorted British women’s magazines from throughout the 1960s.   There are a few artists’...

  • The Ant Farm Gang

    Ant Farm – Underground Architecture

    • 2571 Views • 1960s, Architecture, ArtComments Off

    Here’s a question for you. What do you get when you mix-up a bunch of young, enthusiastic, newly qualified architects, a load of off-the-wall ideas, a rock-band sensibility and a whole host of recreational drugs? Well, if you went back to the late 1960s...

  • Our Man Flint

    Swinging Sixties Japanese Film Posters

    • 11643 Views • 1960s, Art, Film, Poster1 Comment

    When it comes to reinterpreting ideas and still coming up with something seemingly new and original the Japanese take a lot of beating and here for your perusal is a great case in point. Western movie posters from the 1960s repackaged for the Japanese market...

  • Harry Murphy

    Harry Murphy and Friends

    • 1741 Views • 1970s, Architecture, ArtComments Off

    As a design studio in 1970s San Francisco Harry Murphy + Friends were the shining stars of the whole design scene whether it be architectural graphics, corporate identity, large murals or simply domestic interior design. They won over 700 national and...