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Voices of East Anglia - Diggin' Retro Pop CultureWe are a blog /website dedicated to digging out retro and vintage pop culture treasures from the deepest recesses of the Internet. We started in May 2011 because we realised nobody else was featuring the kind of obscure, hard-to-find pop culture nuggets we were interested in and we thought we’d give it a go ourselves.

Over two years later we have gone from strength-to-strength, have over 700 posts hosted on our site and a regular daily readership of over 4,000 hardy souls. As for the name, well, we are based in East Anglia and one of our favourite bands from the past is Voices of East Harlem so we thought we’d amalgamate the two. We don’t pretend to be the spokespeople for the flatlands of Norfolk and Suffolk, nor are we a blog dedicated to chronicling what’s happening in this part of the UK. We dig deep to unearth stuff that we like, stuff that makes us laugh and stuff that interests us – if you like what you see please come back and visit us again, you’re always welcome.

Simon and Adrian