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Back to the Future – 50 Years Back

1960s, Futuristic • 5566 Views • Comments Off on Back to the Future – 50 Years Back

We understand the kind of people who like to predict what life will be like in 20, 30 or 50 years time are called Futurologists and it seems their role in life is to predict possible, probable and preferable futures. Well, if they are as accurate as the people who worked on this clip from 1965 we’ll be mightily impressed.

We’re going back 50 years to look at how the future would have looked in 1999 AD from a sixties point of view. To be fair the accuracy of the predictions are pretty much spot-on including online shopping (just getting going back in ’99), home computers, online banking, populating Mars, wall mounted TVs and microwave ovens.

Where they went seriously wrong and all futurologists seem to do this, is the concept that we’ll all have loads more leisure time. That unfortunately will never happen as long as the man wants his pound of flesh and you can rest assured he will always want that. Anyway, rant over. Enjoy the clip – it’s good fun.

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