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  • Brigitte Montfort

    Brigitte Montfort – Brazilian Provocateur Extraordinaire

    • 1732 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Book CoversComments Off

    Brigitte Montfort – noted beauty, fierce intellectual, martial arts expert, Pulitzer Prize wiiner, and CIA agent. Never heard of her? Well, unless you are a big fan of Brazilian pulp fiction it’s unlikely you will have but hey, we’re about to change all...

  • Swingers

    Singers and Swingers In The Kitchen

    • 4527 Views • 1960s, Book Covers, Food, Literature, MusicComments Off

    Feeling hungry? Thought so. How do you fancy a little something from the ‘scene-makers cookbook’? Or as the cover notes say: ‘Dozens of nutty, turned-on, easy-to-prepare recipes from the grooviest gourmets happening.’ Now before you start sniggering,...

  • spy who copied me

    The Spy Who Copied Me

    • 6821 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Book Covers2 Comments

    As one-time vicar, wine merchant, art collector, inveterate gambler and noted partridge shooter Charles Caleb Colton once famously remarked ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. During the 1960s there seemed to be a series of, let’s call them...

  • The Black Leopard

    Die Swart Luiperd

    • 2538 Views • 1970s, Book Covers, Literature, MagazineComments Off

    As another part of our occasional series focusing on men dressed up with big cat heads, which kicked off with the seminal Lee Lion Head ads, we now take a trip to the South African veldt and cast our beady eye on Die Swart Luiperd also known as The Black...

  • miroslav

    This is Miroslav Sasek

    • 2398 Views • 1960s, Art, Book CoversComments Off

    Miroslav Sasek originally trained as an architect principally because his parents weren’t too keen on his ambition to become a painter but, as if to prove that you shouldn’t stand in the way of talent, after he qualified he duly went off and became a...