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  • fredericks

    Bust’n Out All Over – Frederick’s of Hollywood

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    Frederick’s of Hollywood is best known for selling ladies lingerie in it’s various stores scattered across the United States of America. The underwear based business was started way back in 1947 by the inventor of the Push-up bra Frederick...

  • hitchcock

    Shooting The Hip – Photographer Jeanloup Sieff

    • 3848 Views • 1960s, 1970s, Fashion, PhotographersComments Off

    The chances are you’ve seen his work before but have never put a name to the photographs. His style is very much his own, very French and early on he found his niche and stuck with it. Let’s take a brief look at the life and work of French photographer...

  • 1967 Japanese Magazine

    Turning Japanese – 1960s Young Woman Magazine

    • 7058 Views • 1960s, Fashion, Magazine1 Comment

    Now we head East, bypass Lowestoft and jet over to the land of the rising sun to check out some great images from this groovy 1969 Japanese fashion magazine – Young Woman...

  • Shirt

    Bivolino – The Shirt Locker

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    We’ve not done many posts on bespoke Belgian shirtmakers thus far, in fact to be honest we’ve not done any posts on bespoke Belgian shirtmakers but hey cats and kittens, that’s all about to change as we take a look at Belgium’s number one manufacturer...

  • gq

    We’ve got it Covered – GQ through the Ages

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    We’re not really the kind of chaps who subscribe to men’s magazines but, hey, if they’re lying around in a dentist’s waiting room we’ll have a crafty scan through to see what we’re missing out on. To get an idea of which men were considered cool...