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Go Ape Over A Manwich

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As the strap-line says ‘a sandwich is a sandwich, but a Manwich is a meal’. Yes, welcome to the world of slightly odd American foodstuffs and what our cousins across the pond call Sloppy Joe sauce. Consisting of a seasoned tomato sauce and cooked ground beef this is considered a meal in itself and obviously a bit more substantial than your common or garden sandwich.

The Manwich brand was first introduced in 1969 as a quick and easy one-pan recipe meaning busy moms could quickly prepare meals for the whole family when time was tight. It is still going strong now with an expanded range and by all accounts is still a family favourite across the 52 states.

Have a look at some of their original mouth-watering recipes and as the good people at Manwich say, ‘You’ll find Manwich a handy helper in meal planning, you’ll find its vitamins and minerals and aid in maintaining body functions in co-operation with other food nutrients’.  Get those body functions maintained and check out a tin of Manwich today.



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