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Up to Eleven – Retro Amplifier Adverts

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Now it’s time to crank it up to eleven as we take a look at some amplifier adverts from the early sixties through to the middle of the super seventies.

Some of the amps are endorsed by popular musicians of the day, including a rock collage featuring Jimi Hendrix, The Bee Gees and Spencer Davis promoting a stack of Marshall Amps and Blood Sweat and Tears Bassist Jim Fielder looking like an extra from Midnight Cowboy posing with his amplifier.

ampeg advert

1968 Amplifier Advertisement

Marshall Amplifier advert

Gibson amp advert

Sunn amps

1970 kustom

ampeg amps

Blood Sweat Tears

Kustom amp advert

Leslie Advert

Leslie amp

Marshall Amplifier Advertisment

Phil Upchurch

stones amp advert

univox amplifiers

wem 1967 advert

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