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Tread Lightly – Clark’s Shoes Adverts

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By way of a tribute to Walter White’s Wallabees (and if you don’t know who Walter White is by now then we urge you to check out Breaking Bad ) we’ve put together a post to honour the good people at Clark’s in sunny Somerset and also the guys in Ireland who for many years made the Wallabees for Clark’s – Padmore & Barnes.

First conceived in 1967 the Wallabee was initially manufactured in Ireland before production was transferred to Vietnam where to this day it is still made. Padmore & Barnes were owned by Clark’s for a number of years until 1987 when a management buyout gave them back their independence. Whilst they can’t call them Wallabees P&B manufacture their own version called the Original P204 which to all intents and purposes is a Wallabee but stitched in Ireland – and very handsome they are too.


With normcore (unpretentious and average looking clothing – see Larry David, noted normcore fashion icon) having a bit of a moment Clark’s shoes and particularly their Originals range are back in the limelight and doing very well indeed. No logos, no frills, no fuss – well made gear that lasts. Here we take a look back at some of their advertising from back in the day and ask the question on everyone’s lips – did Clark’s Commandos really have a compass in the heel?




Clarks Desert Boots

Desert Boots

Clarks Teens

Clarks Shoes

revoluton clarks


Clarks Casuals

1965 advert clarks shoes

clarks shoes 1960s ad




Clarks Ladies shoes 1960s

Clarks advert

Star Wars Sneakers

clarks star wars

Clarks Commandos

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