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Slack Attack – H.I.S. Menswear Adverts

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Perhaps we’re looking in the wrong place but try as we might we can’t find any background information on Seventies clothing brand H.I.S. which taking a wild guess we presume was aimed squarely at the menswear market. Not just the menswear market mind you, but the man in the menswear market who wanted to impress the ladies, had a few quid in his pocket and could afford the latest pair of slacks (when did they stop or for that matter start being called slacks?).

Take a look at what was once the height of elegant menswear fashion but whatever you do don’t scoff – if you haven’t worn these clothes in the past then you may well find yourself wearing them in the future and remember that what goes around comes around – eventually.


1963 H.I.S Advert

1963 H.I.S Slacks Advert

H.I.S Blazer Advert 1963


HIS Advert

H.I.S Modnicks Menswear advert

H.I.S Menswear advert

1910 Fruitgum Co advert

H.I.S Advert - The Matchless Suit

Slacks and Shirts H.I.S Advert


H.I.S 1970s Stovepipe Slacks Advert

H.I.S 1970s Coat Advert

H.I.S Stripe Types Advert 1960s

H.I.S Neatnick Advert

H.I.S Suit Advert

H.I.S Meek Advert

For Whom The Bell Tolls H.I.S advert


H.I.S Slacks 1960s Ad

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