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inflight entertainment

Inflight Entertainment

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Fasten your seat belts and get set to fly through some Airline related adverts from the golden age of advertising from the sixties and seventies.
Vintage Ad #1,349: Some Fine 1960s Graphic Design from Canadian Pacific Airlines
Only National - Airline of the Stars
1968 TWA Flight Shop
1964 ... go to Africa on a DC-8 jet!
1960's ... Air Canada
Come Back Soon
Vintage Advertisement
Malaysian Airlines ad
Vietnam Homecoming
Donald Brun Illustration 2
Kor Illustration
Thai Airways Douglas DC-10 ad
Pacific Southwest Airlines Magazine
Ansett Airlines of Australia Air HostessTraining
Gatwick to Victoria
Thai Airlines - 1977
Theatre-in-the-Air by Pan Am
Air France Poster
British Airways Brochure
Air India New York Poster
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    It’s always a pleasure to have a look at the old advertising campaign. My favourite is the Panam Airline with its Theatre in the air it has been a game changing in the word of inflight entertainment

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