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Hanging Out with Keith Moon

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Keith Moon, the King of the Hellraisers, legendary drummer for The Who and a hotel owner’s nightmare guest. Stories of Moon’s antics have been well documented over the years, from tales of trashing televisions to planting explosives in his drum kit. In this post we take a look at Keith chilling and hanging out with fellow musicians, a model and erstwhile drinking partner Oliver Reed.

Thirty four years on from his untimely death, Moon is still making headlines. In 2012 the London Olympics organisers emailed The Who’s manager Bill Curbishley to see if the drummer  “would be available” to play. Curbishley told the Sunday Times “I emailed back saying Keith now resides in Golders Green crematorium, having lived up to The Who’s anthemic line I hope I die before I get old”.

Keith Moon Mick Jagger and Jeff Beck

Keith Moon, Ronnie Lane and Vivian StanshallRonnie Lane and  Vivian Stanshall



Keith Moon and Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney



Keith Moon Brian Epstein and KimBrian Epstein and Keith’s Wife Kim Kerrigan



Peter NoonePeter Noone



Keith Moon and Alice CooperAlice Cooper



Keith Moon, Mickey Dolenz, Olivia Newton John and Mark Volman from The TurtlesMickey Dolenz, Olivia Newton John and Mark Volman from The Turtles



Keith Moon and Charlie WattsCharlie Watts



RayRay Manzarek



Keith Moon and Brian JonesBrian Jones



Keith Moon and Brian WilsonBrian Wilson



Keith Moon and Oliver ReedOliver Reed



Keith Moon, Ringo Starr and Harry NilssonRingo Starr and Harry Nilsson



Keith Moon and TwiggyTwiggy



Keith Moon and Marc BolanMarc Bolan



Keith Moon and Iggy PopIggy Pop



Keith Moon and Joe WalshJoe Walsh



Ron Wood and Keith MoonRonnie Wood



Lynyrd Skynyrd and Keith MoonLynyrd Skynyrd



Keith Moon and Billy IdolBilly Idol



Keith Moon and David BowieDavid Bowie




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