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Boston Tea Party Posters

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The Boston Tea Party venue on Berkeley Street (and latterly Claredon Street) , Boston, Massachusetts was only around for a relatively brief four years but in that time built itself a name as one of the great psychedelic music venues of the late sixties to rival Filmores East and West and New York’s Electric Circus.

It started up in 1967 but closed its doors in the spring of 1971 mainly due to the popularity of large outdoor festivals that thrived on the success of the Woodstock phenomenon. Most of the big name acts around at the time played there as you can see on the artwork we’ve featured below. Not only was it a legendary venue, its posters were excellent too and considering this was the height of the hippy revolution they are surprisingly readable and in many cases still look good today.

Check out our selection of Boston’s finest psychedelic posters with barely a swirly curly-wurly word in sight and with band names you can actually read without ingesting vast quantities of mind-altering substances.

Peace brothers.

























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