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You Need Wheels

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In these overcrowded, thrifty times, what better way to get from A to B in style, than on a moped….. Hard to define moped fully, but generally 50cc, lighter framed motorcycle type thing, just about captures the essence of it. Nip in and out of traffic, take short cuts with the wind in your hair, or spin out into the countryside, it’s your choice.And the range of designs are very cool too, so we’re not going to give you loads of technical information because… we don’t know any. Obviously the scooter (Vespa and Lambretta), scene has been, and still is, well documented, and rightly so. But if you’re looking for something differerent, something fun, and retaining a certain style, then check out the pics. As a proud owner of a 1991 Tomos A3MS 50 from Yugoslavia (not as bad as it seems..), I highly recommend some moped action to you all. At the moment the prices are still pretty good, so get in before that changes. Damn, should we print this?………



moped girl


Moped Ride
Moped Ride
Moped Man, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, 1981
african moped rider



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