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Protesting Students in Seventy Two

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We have to admit, this isn’t the best example of a student protest that we’ve ever seen. There are no placards being waved with witty slogans written on them, there appears to be no angry chanting and there’s not a megaphone in sight.

This walkout by students at the Lower Richland high School in South Carolina 1972 happened because of a change in the length of the break period.

These black and white photos may not capture the anger of the students, however they do encapsulate the style of the time, such as long collars, cool afros and lots of stripey trousers and shirts.


1972 Student Protest




students protesting in 1972


Protesting in 1972

Students protest 1972


College Students 1972


students 1972


Pictures from Hunter-Desportes

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