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Films of The Stoneage – Prehistoric Movie Posters

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Since film studios started using computer generated imagery on monster movies like Jurassic park, most of these movies now look very dated, whether it’s “The Valley of Gwangi” where cowboys meets dinosaurs or the time forgetting adventures starring Doug McClure. Although, “When Dinosaurs Ruled Earth” still remains popular and is regularly repeated on television, however we guess this is due to the human stars of the film – Imogen Hassall, Victoria Vetri and Magda Konopka, rather than ropey rubbery monsters.


1958 teenage caveman 01
1966 women of the prehistoric planet 01
1978 planet of dinosaurs 02
1969 the valley of gwangi 01
1967 prehistoric women 01
1966 one million years bc 04
1977 the crater lake monster 02
1975 the land that time forgot 02
1971 creatures the world forgot 01

1977 the people that time forgot 02

One of our Dinosaurs is Missing
1970 when dinosaurs ruled the earth 04


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