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Tehnika-Molodehzi: Groovy Russian Science Magazine

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Welcome to Tehnika-Molodehzi magazine, translated literally as Technology-Youth. We’ve not done many features on Russian science magazines that we can recall so here’s a first for us and quite possibly a first for you too assuming you’re not Russian and not a scientist. We present to you Technology-Youth – a magazine that sums up exactly what it is all about in two expertly chosen words.

First published way back when in 1933 and still going to this day Tehnika-Molodehzi has helped influence generations of young Russian egg-heads to go on to pursue a career in the sciences and a noble option it is too. For us thickies here at VoEA though we really like the pictures and if we’re honest, a career in the sciences has kind of eluded us so far and we’re probably a bit long in the tooth to change direction now. Over the years most of the former- USSR and Russia’s top scientists have featured in the magazine and as well as having some great images it is also considered a genuine science publication rather than just a ‘comic’. We’ve selected our favourites from what is a vast archive and we hope you like what we’ve chosen. Special thanks to Socialism Expo for putting these up on Flickr.

Groovy Russian Magazine

1967 Russian Magazine

Russian Magazine 1968

Russian Magazine

1968 Russian Magazine

1960s Russian Magazine

1960s Magazine from Russia

1970 Russian Magazine

1970s Russian Magazine

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Magazine 1973 Russia

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Groovy Russian Magazine 1970s

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1970s Magazine from Russia

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