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Playboy After Dark – Party at Hugh’s Place

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We know the Hef is now considered beyond passé and we know there’s something not quite right about an 85 year-old man lounging around in silk monogrammed pyjamas with a room full of nubile young silicon-enhanced Playboy bunnies a quarter his age but look back 40 years or so and you can almost forgive him when you see the bands he had at his parties. Almost.

Here we see some clips from Hugh Hefner’s ‘Playboy After Dark ‘show which ran for 12 months in 1969. It showed what was portrayed as a typical party at Hugh’s place with celeb guests popping in for a chat and some great bands playing. Have a look at some top performances from Buddy Miles, Grand Funk Railroad, Marva Whitney and of course no show would be complete without the Godfather himself: Mr James Brown.












Playboy After Dark
playboy after dark

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