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That Spiritual Feeling – Thrift Store Christian Record Covers

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Here at Voices of East Anglia we tend to avoid the minefield subject that is religion, however when we stumbled upon this groovy collection of album covers titled Thrift Store Christian Records on Flickr we couldn’t resist the temptation of sharing them with you.

We’ve picked out some of favourites from the set including the funky Ralph Carmichael Our Front Porch and the soul session at his place with Arthur Blessitt – Minister to the sunset strip.


I Looked For Love

Life, A Young World Musical

Our Front Porch

The Random Sample


Jesus Sound Explosion

Little David

LSD Battle For The Mind

Teen Age Talk-In

and God said...GOOD, GOOD!

Tell It Like It Is

Dave Peters' Heritage

Love, A Young World Musical

Young World

Love For All Seasons

Soul Session At 'His Place'

Click Here to view the whole set






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