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Loungin’ – The Original Onesies

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Ooh yes, we’re feeling in a mellow mood here at VoEA HQ. Dinner’s finished, the washing-up is all done and dusted, we’re up-to-speed with the washing and ironing and most importantly the cat’s been fed. Now all that’s left is to don a relaxing jumpsuit / onesie / soft suit (delete as appropriate) and chill out for the evening with a glass of Babycham and an old episode of the Rockford Files.

We’re not quite sure where the line between a jumpsuit and a onesie is but hey, when it comes to loungin’ around at home we reckon they can’t be beat. Clearly, any item of clothing endorsed by the Deputy Prime Minister himself comes highly recommended but, whatever you do, do not wear one of these outside the house, or when you answer the door, or when the curtains are open, or when small impressionable children are around – in fact, on second thoughts maybe they’re not such a good idea after all. Don’t take our word for it though, instead take a look at our photo gallery and make your own minds up but don’t blame us if your newly acquired Tab Slit Kaftan (copyright Ah Men Shop for Men c.1972) gives the kids nightmares.







1970s Retro Advert


Terry Turn-ons1970s Jumpsuits


His and Hers Jumpsuits

Dickies Retro Advert_z

Lee Cooper suit



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