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Stick With It – Seventies Sticker Art

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Ahh yes, the humble sticker. Some say the first stickers were invented by the Ancient Egyptians to advertise the daily rates of products on the walls of their souks and bazaars.
The first examples of more modern stickers can be traced back to European fruit traders who would put labels on the side of crates to distinguish (or brand) their crates from others. The father of the modern self-adhesive sticker is generally believed to be R. Stanton Avery who came up with the idea in the 1930s. The general principle hasn’t changed since and his company is still going strong to this day.

So, feast your eyes on our selection of groovy Seventies stickers below but be warned, subtlety was not the byword in 1970s sticker circles.

Nice to See You - Sticker - Bruce Forsyth
1970s Jungle Juice Sticker
Top of the Pops Sticker

Cereal Lite Ups - Keep on Bikin' Sticker - Honeycomb cereal premium sticker - 1977

David Soul - Superstar - Starsky and Hutch - Sticker
Bruce Lee stickers - sheet 1 of 6 - 1970's
Grand Funk Railroad - Japanese concert promo sticker - Karakuen Stadium in Japan - July 17,1971
Ryder Trucks - Keep On Truckin Sticker - 1970's
Go Turtle Wax
Astroworld Bumper Sticker - Houston, Texas - 1970's
Symbol Stix - Kaymac Sticker Postcard - Cosmic Girl - 1972
Moog Performer
RC Cola Decal
Kellogg's Lightswitch Sticker Set
Pizza Hut Pete - Love Pizza Power Sticker - 1969
apefruit stickers
Sock It To Me - Mini Sticker Sheet - 1960s 1970s
Power Brute
Pabst Blue Ribbon -  Cool Blue Basketball Player sticker - 1972

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