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Cold as ice – Lolly and Ice Cream Adverts

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If you’re somewhere in the world where it’s hot and the sun is shining and you need to cool down, then take a look at these groovy ice cream and lolly related adverts that are straight from the retro fridge.

Included in our icey picks are favourites like Funny feet when they cost a mere 17p and several lollies inspired by various popular television and film characters like Lady Penelope and The Incredible Hulk. 


lolly advert

The 1960s-ad for Motta ice-creams


Walls Ice Lollies Ad 1980


Lyons Maid Orbit Ad 1970

Walls Sky Ray Moon Fleet Jacket Ad 1966

Star Wars Ice Lolly

Walls Stop Me & Buy One Ad 1963

Lyons Maid Cola Rola Ad 1971



Retro Ice Lolly Advert

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