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The Joy Of Decks – Record Player Adverts

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The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that here at VoEA Heights we’re big fans of the medium that is vinyl records. So much so in fact (and keep this to yourselves) that some of our number still won’t have CDs in the house.So, it follows that being big vinyl fanatics we are also big fans of record players. Call them decks, ones and twos, hi-fi units or wheels of steelthey are, perhaps to a lesser degree than in years gone by, still available and still serving us well. Look after the needle and your record player will give you years of trusty service.

We’ve dug out some of our favourite adverts from over the years including one for a dashboard mounted in-car record player – just watch out for those speed humps whilst you’re using it OK.




adv - 1960 - dischi - fonografi

Vintage Ad #1,787: Looks that say - listen to HMV
Philips - TIME - 30-11-70

RCA Automatic Car Record Player

the 1960s -ad for Clarville record-players
Rek-O-Kut Turntable 1960
Advert for the new Ultra Stereo 2 c.1975
Rabco SL-8E Straight Line tracking turntable 1971
Vintage Record Player
Fisher - 1972
Pioneer - 1973
ads - 1969 - giradischi
Hi Fi Advert From the 70's
Panasonic Triple Take
technics SL-10

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