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Home Taping Didn’t Kill Music – Cassette Covers

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OK. Hands up – who here remembers taping music off the radio back in the day? We admit we were guilty but we contest the charge that we killed music. We lay that one at Simon Cowell’s door. 

So here’s a tribute to the beauty and simplicity of home taping. Sunday night at home listening to the Top 40 and waiting for your favourite tune to come on before you press play and record (simultaneously of course). Make sure the tabs are still in the cassette and if not cover them with some sticky tape. Yours truly can still remember recording Geno by Dexys Midnight Runners when it was in the Top Ten and trying to note down all the lyrics using the pause and rewind buttons. Certainly beat doing homework at the end of the weekend. Kids today don’t know what they’re missing out on!

So anyway, enough of this reminiscing. Feast your eyes on these design classics from Agfa, BASF, Decca and the brilliant Soundhog. They don’t make em like this anymore.


Funky Cassette Inserts No. 3

Funky Cassette Inserts No. 4

Pinnacle, & Agfa cassettes (Funky Cassette inserts No.7)
Compact Cassette
Standard C60
Philips cassettes
Audio Magnetics
Compact Cassette
Emitape 60

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