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John Solie’s Movie Posters

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During his long career John Solie has illustrated over 200 film posters. The Californian artist has created art work for some major films, like the academy award winning Ryan’s Daughter and the cult classic Soylent Green starring Charlton Heston. In his time he’s also worked on a large number of lesser-known movies that had smaller budgets, and it’s these film posters we are focusing on.

Solie designed posters for many different genres of film, so our gallery is a real mixed bag. On the walls of our cyber foyer we have Jimmy Cliff’s classic “The harder they come”, Blaxploitation fave “Shaft in Africa”, the killer fish horror “Piranha”, 70’s Sci-Fi “Star Crash”, the pre-computer game comedy “Grand Theft Auto” starring Ron Howard and some saucy seventies flicks “The Swinging Barmaids” and “Candy Stripe Nurses”.

Final Programme, The (aka The Last Days of Man on Earth) (1973, UK)
1972 the harder they come 01
1977 grand theft auto 01
1973 hell up in harlem 01
1976 moving violation 01
1973 shaft in africa 01
1978 starcrash 01
1974 summer school teachers 01
1973 the slams 01
1975 the swinging barmaids 01
1974 candy stripe nurses 01
1974 big bad mama 01
Raid on entebbe - 400
1978 piranha 04
Capone poster
Soylent Green film poster

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