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Drum – 1969 Magazine from Ghana

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While surfing round the world wide web for material for our Soul to Soul post we encountered these scans from a 1969 magazine called “Drum” from Ghana.

Although 1969 was an election year, Drum still covered lighter subjects such as fashion, football and music. It was billed as Africa’s leading magazine and each cover featured the Miss Drum of the month.

If you’d like to read more about Jerry Hansen and The Ramblers who “brought back the boogaloo” from London and the States and lots more, then check out the very informative Koranteng’s Toli Blog.


drum january 1969

rexona cover girl
made in ghana
drum february 1969
drum march 1969
drum april 1969
ghana airways 1969
drum may 1969
club lager
drum june 1969
drum july 1969
ramblers boogaloo
e.t. mensah and Geraldo Pino of Heartbeats
drum august 1969
drum september 1969
drum october 1969
drum november 1969
pete myers for president
baba yara
helen takes on extra staff
drum december 1969

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