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  • Nebraska 1960s

    On Campus – University of Nebraska Omaha

    1960s, Everyday People • 1060 Views

    Here we have some more On Campus pictures from the past, this time we’ve been rummaging around the Flickr pages of the University of Nebraska Omaha.

    We’ve picked out an assortment of pictures from their online library, including a mini skirt measuring competition in May 1969, some students record shopping in the early seventies and a groovy home economics class in 1972. Continue Reading

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  • Art of Charlie Allen

    The Art of Charlie Allen

    1960s, 1970s, Art • 1111 Views

    Advertising illustrator Charlie Allen was born in 1922 in Fresno, California. His fascination with drawing began at the age of nine when he took an interest in comic strip artists. In 1942 Charlie left college to join the air force, he returned in 1946 and finished off his time at college, got married and started working as an advertising illustrator for the Fresno Bee newspaper. Continue Reading

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  • PAnasonic Portables

    Seventies Plastic Panasonic Portables

    1970s, Retro Advertising • 1512 Views

    Panasonic (parent company of Technics in case you didn’t know) introduced this range of portable, funky radios and tape players to an unsuspecting public in the early 1970s presumably as a reaction to the bright new home decorating trends that were becoming popular at the time. Gone were the drab black and white days of the Sixties and in came the space-age Seventies where the future was all about more leisure time, less work time and we were all going to be living in state-of-the-art Bubble Houses. Where did it all go wrong? Continue Reading

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  • Metro Transportation

    Metro Transportation Area Southern California – Station to Station

    1980s, Architecture, Transport • 926 Views

    The following images have all been culled from the Flickr group ‘Metro Transportation Library and Archive’, and are all proposed construction drawings for new stations and their surroundings. The metro area in question is Southern California, in particular Los Angeles, and most of their pics are of ‘operator of the month’ and employees parties etc, but these beauties are all the illustrated ‘plans’ for projects. Some went on to be made, others didn’t for one reason and another. To be honest, we’re not over supplied with info on this subject, suffice to say we thought the images were interesting enough to share with you, and that’s the main thing. Continue Reading

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  • retro cycling

    On Yer Bike – Retro Cycling Adverts

    1960s, 1970s, Retro Advertising, Sport • 2228 Views

    Whether you cycle for sporting reasons, to get from home to work or even for your holidays there’s no denying we’re seeing possibly the largest ever growth in cycle-use ever. The sense of freedom, the fact that it is one of the best forms of exercise you can get plus the added bonus that it’s as cheap or expensive as you want to make it all add up to make cycling a very addictive hobby.

    Here we look back to the days when steel frames were ridden in the Tour de France, air stewardesses cycled to work, Ron Kitching was still in business and you could get a top-of-the-range Schwinn with 10 gears for a mere $228.



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