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  • Mice

    Of Mice and Men

    1990s • 894 Views

    One of the lighter articles we’ve done here at VoEA that’s for sure! whilst surfing the net, we came across a ‘thing’ that people seem to do, and that’s making little mice people/characters… Obviously a small bunch but this hobby also pops up in the movie ‘Date Night’ with Steve Carrell. The idea seems to be to make small furry toy versions of famous people, or characters from everyday life (so it seems). To cut a short story even shorter, we’ve picked out 20 faves from ‘The House of Mouse’ group on Flickr for your delight. See if you can guess who they are before hovering your cursor over the picture to reveal all! Continue Reading

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  • 1970s Wedding Reception

    Seventies Wedding Reception

    1970s, Everyday People • 1784 Views

    Regular readers of Voices of East Anglia may have noticed that we do like to post pictures by photographer Nick DeWolf. Usually we post our finds from his huge archive collection once a month, however when we found these funky seventies wedding reception photos amongst his assortment of pictures we thought we’d bend the rules and share them. Continue Reading

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  • Kellee Patterson

    Kellee Patterson – A Maiden’s Voyage

    1970s, Music • 1631 Views

    As a young neighbour of the Jackson 5, Kellee Patterson was often in direct competition with those crazy kids when it came to local talent shows in Gary, Indiana and more often than not honours were even between the young competitors. As they got older the brothers Jackson went on to have more success but many would argue Kellee Patterson was the one with more talent. Continue Reading

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  • Nauga

    Nauga – The Vinyl Monster

    1960s, Retro Advertising • 1221 Views

    The  Nauga is a vinyl beast who looks like he could of been a character in the popular children’s book Where the Wild Things Are – if it was based in a furniture store.

    The Nauga was a mythical monster created for a campaign in the 1960s to market the artificial American leather brand Naugahyde. During that time and into the seventies he appeared in several adverts within the pages of Life magazine, you could regularly see him promoting chairs, golf club bags and suitcases. Continue Reading

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  • 1960s Pathe Films

    Sixties British Pathe Short Films

    1960s, Documentary, Film • 1783 Views

    Long before the days when we all had multiple TVs at home and way before the concept of 24 hour rolling news was even dreamt of, people would get their news updated from the radio, newspapers and if they wanted any visual content they would go and watch a newsreel at the local cinema. The main provider of these newsreels was British Pathe; a company whose roots can be traced back to the very start of motion pictures. Continue Reading

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