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  • 1960s Pathe Films

    Sixties British Pathe Short Films

    1960s, Documentary, Film • 1555 Views

    Long before the days when we all had multiple TVs at home and way before the concept of 24 hour rolling news was even dreamt of, people would get their news updated from the radio, newspapers and if they wanted any visual content they would go and watch a newsreel at the local cinema. The main provider of these newsreels was British Pathe; a company whose roots can be traced back to the very start of motion pictures. Continue Reading

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  • The Who

    The Who – 1975 European Tour Programme

    1970s, Music, Retro Advertising • 1060 Views

    In earlier posts we’ve Hung out with The Who’s drummer Keith Moon, told the story of their sixties tour with John’s Children in our Smashed Blocked article, seen Roger Daltrey and the boys plugging Amplifiers and Pete Townshend promoting Arp Synthesizers 

    This time we’re taking a look at the scrapbook style programme for their 1975 tour of Europe, from the Bulldog smoking cover right through to the Pernod advert on the back page. Continue Reading

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  • Back to the London boroughs

    This is London – Goin’ Back To The Boroughs

    1960s, 1970s, Everyday People • 2114 Views

    OK, there may be evidence such as police uniforms, venues on posters, number plates and the odd red bus that indicate that these pictures were taken in London, but apart from these obvious giveaways you could mistakenly think that some of these photos could of been taken in any major city during the seventies and eighties. Continue Reading

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  • Quadrophenia

    Gimme A Sign – Dublin’s Ambassador Cinema

    1970s, 1980s, Architecture, Film • 1860 Views

    Recently in our Cinematic post we looked at various vintage movie theatres worldwide, this time we’re focusing on one – The Ambassador cinema in Dublin, Ireland.

    These photos of the cinema from the seventies and eighties display the artistic skills of Dublin signwriter Kevin Freeney (1919-1986). His first job for the venue was producing the sign for the 1978 Sean Connery film “The First Great Train Robbery, later he was assisted by his nephew who helped with the artwork in the backroom of the cinema. Continue Reading


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  • Retro Japan Adverts

    Retro Adverts From Japan

    1960s, 1970s, 1980s, Art, Retro Advertising • 2467 Views

    This isn’t the first time that we’ve featured vintage magazine adverts from Japan and this post probably won’t be the last either. However due to our non-existent Japanese reading and writing skills we do (accidentally) stumble upon these advertisements from time to time, so here are our latest discoveries from the internet. Continue Reading

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