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  • Capture

    College of the Mainland Yearbook

    1960s, 1970s • 1193 Views

    We are particularly chuffed we’ve stumbled across this yearbook of cracking Ivy League wearing 1960s students but the icing on the cake is the fact that the College of the Mainland is on the mainland portion of Galveston County – some of our favourite clothes combined with one of our favourite records plus some 1960s karate club students, oh yes. Continue Reading

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  • Beetleboards

    Beetleboard – Brilliant Bug Based Billboards

    1970s, Retro Advertising, Transport • 9495 Views

    When it comes to good ideas it’s the simple ones that are generally the best. So, back in 1971 when L.A based advertising consultant Charles E, Bird was strolling through a campus car park on his way to address a college class he couldn’t help but notice the sheer number of student owned VW Beetles. As a specialist in advertising to the youth market he’d been struggling to find a way to get the message across to the younger generation through traditional established media and was looking for something different that would appeal to the demographic but didn’t have associations with the man. Continue Reading

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  • 1970s Home Interior

    Houses Architects Live In – 1970s Interior Design

    1970s, Architecture • 3544 Views

    The Author of the “Houses Architects Live in” Barbara Plumb had previously written two other books covering interior design – Young Designs in Living in 1969 and Young Designs in Colour which was published in 1973. Later she moved on to floral artistry and decorative art with her book “Bouquet from the Met”.

    Here we focus on interiors as we take a look at these great pictures from this 1977 Book. The photos show how Architects lived the laidback bohemian lifestyle with Blow-up chairs, Frank Zappa posters, neverending sofas and lots and lots of wood. Continue Reading

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  • decimilisation

    The Changeover – 1971 Decimal Day

    1970s • 1173 Views

    We grew up in a time when pocket money was paid in pence and (If you were lucky) pounds, so we don’t really know our shillings from our thrupenny bits. Now we go back and take a look at some of the publications and images that would prepare you for Decimal Day back in 1971.

    For Youngsters the popular comic The Dandy published a Decimal Day cover warning readers to get their new pennies ready for Korky the cat. And if you missed the comic cover there were new decimal chocolate coins and ..um a knitting pattern to remind you. Continue Reading

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  • time for Tee

    Time For Tee – T-Shirt Adverts From The Past

    1960s, 1970s, 1980s, Retro Advertising • 2968 Views

    If a James Brown T Shirt is good enough for James Brown, then it’s good enough for us. However we’re not sure that wearing a Jethro Tull T shirt did drive girls wild with desire in the seventies.

    Here we have a draw full of T shirts from the past. From a Drac-tastic Christopher Lee-Tee that you could wear to scare your friends to a T shirt that you could wear to show the world how much you love Weetabix.

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