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Reel Time – Vintage Cassette Adverts

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Shops that still sell tape cassettes are very few and far between these days, which means the tape is now more or less an obsolete format. The first mass produced Cassettes were made and sold in Germany in 1964 and companies like Memorex, TDK and BASF continued to manufacture tapes through the seventies and eighties until the arrival of compact discs and later downloads.

Here we have a few of our favourite cassette and tape related magazine adverts for you to browse through. We wont get all nostalgic about making mixtapes and recording your favourite song off the radio, because we’ve already done that in our Home Taping Didn’t Kill Music feature. So sit back and enjoy the groovy ads – Now, where’s that pencil?

 Cassette Advert 1960s

ampex micro cassette advert 1960s

Retro Cassette Advert

Stereo cassette advert 1960s

Mod Madness - Ampex Tapes

BASF Advert

Ella Fitzgerald memorex cassette

BASF Advert

Retro Cassette Advert



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