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Sixties New York – City of Strangers

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James Jowers first became interested in photography when he worked in the darkroom whilst serving in the Army.When he left in1965 he became a student at the New School and lived on the Lower East Side of New York City. He worked as a night porter at St. Luke’s Hospital, this gave James all day to go out on the streets of the “Big Apple” and capture the people of the city on film.

Here we have some of our favourite sixties snaps taken by Mr Jowers, including a beret wearing Beatnik chap lounging on a car on East 2nd Street to a roomful of sitars in St Marks place.



James Jowers

James Jowers - Girl and Hats

James Jowers - In The Rain

James Jowers - Lady in Store

James Jowers 1967

James Jowers - Woman by Window

James Jowers 1966

James Jowers 1960s

James Jowers 1965

James Jowers 1968

James Jowers Girl in Shades

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