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Swinging Blue Jeans, Cords and Slacks – Retro Adverts

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In the past we’ve featured vintage magazine adverts for the humble shirt and a cool collection of ads for socks.Now it’s time to go in-between with some fabulous retro advertisements for Jeans and trousers – slacks and pants if you’re reading from across the pond.

Amongst our pick-of-the-pants ads are the Ivy league look of Broomsticks slacks and the outrageous Wrangler pink flared jeans. And while you’re browsing through the various adverts, have a think about the question asked by the giant of jeans – Have you ever had a bad time in Levi’s?  


1960s Jeans Advert


Broomsticks Jeans Advert


Sears Jeans 1960s Advert


1960s Broomsticks Jeans Advert




Dacron Trousers Advert


Levi's for Gals, 1971_640


Carwood 1960s Advert





Lee Jeans 1960s Advert
1970s Levis Advert

Lee Jeans

Levi Cords Advert

Levis 1960s Advert

Ladies Lee Jeans Advert

Broomsticks Advert

Wrangler 1970s Slacks Advert

Lee Stripe Jeans Advert

Riviera Jeans Advert

Menswear Advert

Carsuals Trouser Advert

Wrangler Jeans Advert




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