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Keep it Clean – Washing Powder Adverts

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We may be a clean living bunch here at VoEA Heights but it’s a dirty old job keeping our readers happy. When we’re not getting down and dusty rooting through the darkest corners of the internet we”re digging deep finding Unexpected Gems in dingy old crates hidden in the back rooms of far-out, far-flung charity shops. 

All this delving, digging and delivering calls for some proper old skool washing powder that can really remove those deep down dusty stains only found in strangely aromatic charity shops and of course car boot sales on a muddy September Sunday morning.

Join us as we look back to a time before such affectations as automatic washing machines and fabric conditioner when it was only women who did the washing at home and Bold, Dash and Tide were kings of the washing powder hill.


French washing  ad



Bold Washing Powder Ad



Skip washing powder ad



Rinso Advert



Dash Washing Powder Advert



1960s washing powder ad



1960s Dash Advert



1970s washing powder ad



Groovy Washing Powder ad

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