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Out On The Floor

1960s, 1970s, Retro Advertising • 16170 Views • Comments Off on Out On The Floor

Here at VoEA Towers we not only love vinyl records, we also love vinyl flooring and the time has come for us to share that love with you.

Whilst it’s still used now vinyl flooring has been usurped from the top table of the flooring world by more modern and let’s face it, trendier products such as that laminated wood stuff. Back in its heyday through the 1970s and into the 80s vinyl floors were where it’s at and offered a cheap, durable and easily replaceable alternative to expensive tiles in a world of rapidly changing interior design.

Get your sunglasses at the ready, put some paracetamol on standby and feast your eyes on these somewhat garish but nevertheless groovy vinyl floors from another era. Oh, and if you can remember having floors like this at home you must be older than you look.




Congoleum Vinyl Flooring Ad
Vintage Ad #842: Congoleum in Lime Green
Kentile ad - 1966
Kentile Ad
Amtico Vinyl Flooring
The Ancient Splendor Of Vinyl
Kentile ad - 1968
Kentile ad - 1966
Kentile ad -1964
Kentile ad - 1968
Kentile ad -1964
Ziggy Stardust...
The Ultimate Deck?
Kentile ad - 1964
The Stunner
Kentile ad - 1957

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