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Radical Shades Man – Space Age Sunglasses

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Hey cats and kittens. Put away your Polaroids, run over your Ray Bans, offload your Oakleys and check out some properly radical sunglasses from a time when the only limitation to designs was imagination and it didn’t even matter if you couldn’t quite see through them so long as they looked groovy perched on the nose of a swanky model.

Of course we wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing such drastic shades in these more conservative and constrained times but back in the day they must have been quite some fashion statement even if they were only used during the annual half-a-dozen sunny days we get here in the UK.

In addition it should be pointed out that no post concerning Sixties sunglasses and swanky models would be complete without a photo of Salvador Dali peering through the arm of a young lady with a lobster wedged in her belt so we’ve duly obliged. Enjoy.


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