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Fifteen Far Out Book Covers

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It’s time to get groovy again at Voices of East Anglia with some hip and happening colourful book covers from back in the day. Our Psychedelic pickings incorporate various genres of books, from the adult orientated ‘Black is the color’ which takes us on a terrifying trip to the Soul Jazz and sex club scene of London’s Soho, right through to the 1971 book ‘The Jesus Generation’ by Christian evangelist Billy Graham.

dbg80.1 - 5/11/09
Book Covers - Thomas Pynchon's
Inner Circle - Panther book cover
It's World That Makes The Love Go Round - front
The New Sound
Outlaw Blues
Bug Jack Barron by Norman Spinrad
The Military Philosophers (1969)
pyramid X-1955
scholastic TX 1334
dbg54.1 - 4/15/09
lancer 73-588
dbg242.1 -  11/1/09
Christopher's Parade

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