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Stitchin Time – Late 1960s Knitting Magazine

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Did you know that before he was getting his Martinis shaken and not stirred as James Bond, Sir Roger Moore was a male knitting model? He even earned the nickname “The Big Knit” because of his extensive modelling work in knitwear advertising. 

Apart from this interesting Bond related fact, we don’t really have any Knitting-knowledge here at VoEA HQ. What we do know about knitting is…. the magazine Stitchin’ Time from the late sixties had some pretty cool covers.

While digging around the Internet these covers leapt out due to their bright colours and almost fanzine looking design. They could almost be covers for a homemade magazine produced by a dedicated Smiths fan in the 80s.

Now, to use a well known knitting phrase, it’s time to Bind Off.

Stitchin' time Vol2 No1
Stitchin' time 1969 Summer
Stitchin' time Vol2 No3
Stitchin' time Vol3 No3
Stitchin' time Vol3 No4&5
Stitchin' time Vol4 No1
Stitchin' time Vol4 No5
Stitchin' time 1969 Autumn
Stitchin' time Vol5 No3
Stitchin' time 1969 Spring
Stitchin' time 1969 Winter
Stitchin' time Vol5 No4

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