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Vintage Japanese Adverts

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Here we have Three Groovy 1960s Japanese TV Commercials for your viewing pleasure. The first one features Mister Sammy Davis Jr in a Santory Whisky advert, and in another there’s Film star Charles Bronson. In this one Mr Death Wish looks more like Anchorman Ron Burgundy than a ruthless vigilante. He’s puffing away on a pipe and shooting a gun in an advert for Mandom, whose advertising tagline reads – All the world loves a lover, all the world loves Mandom.

National Water Filters, 1972
RonRon Brand Intercom-phones,1972
Japanese Hobby Advertisment
Toyota Mark II
Toyota Mark II
fabulous slippers and afghan
Emsa Plastic Ware,1972
Sewing Thread Advert.
Hitachi Transistor Radios
Vitamins For The Active Life
my research - Japan vintage 2
Punch, Magazine For Men
Japanese Ad, 1970
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One Response to Vintage Japanese Adverts

  1. […] a look at Suntory Whisky we could talk about the Sofia Coppola film Lost in Translation, possibly Sammy Davis Jnr. advertising the product or even discuss the slightly crazy (to our western eyes anyway) idea of the […]

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