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‘Ello John. Got A New Motor – Retro Porsche Posters

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No, well then check out this bunch of ads for Porsche. You know we love our advertising here at VoEA, there’s no artwork that sums up a time more than advertising. It is very representative, because it’s trying to appeal to the masses of that time, and tries to tap into what the general vibe is… i.e if it’s the summer of love, then expect some flowery shit….. The artwork of advertising is simply awesome in some instances, and the talent shown is second to none, much more inspiring than your average art gallery in my humble opinion. A lot of advertising is simple and neat, and striking, which again ads to the whole appeal, some of the artists are downright geniuses that we’ll never hear of….. 



Porsche Vintage posters


Anyway, Porsche. Here are some ads, old and new, mainly old, because they are generally better. An iconic motor car, very successful over the years in rallying, and that’s about all we need to know, it’s not Top Gear. We’re more interested in the great ads that try and sell them. This is where our interest lies. So enjoy this latest round of images, and if you find yourself hammering out a deal with a smarmy Porsche salesman in the next few days, please don’t blame VoEA!


Sebring Porsche poster


LeMans Porsche poster






1969 Rallye Monte carlo Porsche poster
1969 Nurburgring Porsche

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